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TD0804:  Clarification regarding Extenders in PSD Evaluations

Publication Date

Protection Profiles

Other References
Section 1.2, Section 1.3

Issue Description

Clarification needed regarding whether extenders are allowed to be included in an evaluation claiming conformance to PP_PSD_V4.0.


The following modification is made to Section 1.2 of PP_PSD_V4.0, with green underlined highlighting denoting addition:

In the context of this PP, a PSD is an IT product for connecting one or more peripheral devices to one or

more computers such that data cannot flow between computers by way of the peripherals or the PSD.

Examples of PSDs that can claim compliance to this PP include Keyboard, Video, Mouse (KVM) switches;

and Isolators. Examples of devices that cannot claim conformance to this PP include Extenders.



The following invalid use case is appended to Section 1.3 Use Cases in PP_PSD_V4.0:


The following use case in an example of a PSD not covered by this PP:

[INVALID USE CASE] Single user with PSD, without complete local monitoring or local control (Extender)


              In this use case, the user controls the portion of PSD into which the peripherals are connected but is not necessarily in direct control of the entirety of the PSD or the connected computer. Since the full PSD does not necessarily reside in close physical proximity to the user, the user is not expected to have physical access and full visibility of the PSD monitoring and control functions.


Extenders are not a valid use case.

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