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TD0792:  NIT Technical Decision: FIA_PMG_EXT.1 - TSS EA not in line with SFR

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The NIT has published a Technical Decision for FIA_PMG_EXT.1.


The TSS for FIA_PMG_EXT.1 in CPP_ND_V2.2-SD is modified as follows, with green highlight and underlines indicating additions and red highlight and strikethrough indicating deletions:


The evaluator shall examinecheck that the TSS to determine that it contains the lists of the supported special character(s) and minimum and maximum number of charters supported for the composition of administrator passwords.

The evaluator shall check the TSS to ensure that the minimum_password_length parameter is configurable by a Security Administrator.

The evaluator shall check that the TSS lists the range of values supported for the minimum_password_length parameter. The listed range shall include the value of 15.


For more information, please see the NIT Decision.

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