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TD0777:  Clarification to Selections for Auditable Events for FCS_SSH_EXT.1

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Section 3.1, Table 1

Issue Description

Per PKG_SSH_v1.0 Section 3.1 Table 1: Auditable Events for Mandatory Requirements.

The first row defines the requirement "FCS_SSH_EXT.1" in column 1. In column 2 (Auditable Events) a selection is required. This selection includes "None".  In column 3 (Additional Audit Record Contents) a selection is also required and includes "None" as an option. In addition, column 3 also requires "Reason For Failure".

If the selections in Row 1 are "None", the additional audit record content requirement of "Reason for Failure" cannot be met as currently written.

Clarification on, or removal of "Reason for Failure" is requested.



Section 3.1 of PKG_SSH_V1.0 is modified as follows, with green highlighted and underlined text indicating additions and red highlighted text with strikethrough indicating deletions:


The auditable events specified in this Package are included in a Security Target if the incorporating PPcPP, or PP-Module supports audit event reporting through FAU_GEN.1 and all other criteria in the incorporating PP or PP-Module are met.

Table 1: Auditable Events for Mandatory Requirements


Auditable Events

Additional Audit Record Contents


[selection: Failure to establish SSH connection, None].

Reason for failure.
[selection: Reason for failure and Non-TOE endpoint of attempted connection (IP Address) , None].


[selection: Establishment of SSH connection, None].

[selection: Non-TOE endpoint of connection (IP Address) , None].


[selection: Termination of SSH connection session, None].

[selection: Non-TOE endpoint of connection (IP Address) , None].


[selection: Dropping of packet(s) outside defined size limits, None].

[selection: Packet size , None].




 Application Note: "None" can be selected in column 3 if, and only if, it is also selected in column 2.




See issue description.

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