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TD0766:  FIT Technical Decision for FCS_CKM.4(d) Test Notes

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The FIT has issued a technical decision for FCS_CKM.4(d) test notes in Section of CPP_FDE_AA_V2.0E and Section of CPE_FDE_EE_V2.0E.


The test notes for FCS_CKM.4(d) tests 2 and 3 found in Section, lines 45 and 46, of CPP_FDE_AA_V2.0E and Section, lines 207 and 208, of CPE_FDE_EE_V2.0E are both modified as follows, with green highlight with bold indicating addition, and red highlight with strikethrough indicating deletion:

The following tests apply only to selection a)for the selection of “logically addresses the storage location…”, since the TOE in this instance has more visibility into what is happening within the underlying platform (e.g., a logical view of the media). In selection b)For the selection of “instructs the underlying platform…”, the TOE has no visibility into the inner workings and completely relies on the underlying platform, so there is no reason to test the TOE beyond test 1.

For the selection a)of “logically addresses the storage location…”, the following tests are used to determine that the TOE is able to request the platform to overwrite the key with a TOE supplied pattern.


For further information, please see the FIT Decision.

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