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TD0764:  FIT Technical Decision for FCS_PCC_EXT.1

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The FIT has issued a technical decision for FCS_PCC_EXT.1.


 FCS_PCC_EXT.1 in CPP_FDE_AA_V2.0E is modified as follows, with green highlight and bold indication addition:

A password used by the TSF to generate a password authorization factor shall enable up to [assignment: positive integer of 64 or more] characters in the set of {upper case characters, lower case characters, numbers, and [assignment: other supported special characters]} and shall perform Password-Based Key Derivation Functions in accordance with a specified cryptographic algorithm HMAC- [selection: SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512], with[selection: [assignment: positive integer of 1000 or more] iterations, [assignment: positive integer of 1 or more] and [assignment: positive integer of 10000 or more] subsequent rounds of AES operations with a device key and PBKDF2 output per FCS_COP.1(g) or FCS_COP.1(e)], and output cryptographic key sizes [selection: 128 bits, 256 bits] that meet the following: [NIST SP 800-132].


For further information, please see the FIT Decision.

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