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TD0759:  FIT Technical Decision for FCS_AFA_EXT.1.1

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Issue Description

The FIT has issued a technical decision for FCS_AFA_EXT.1.1. For further information, please see the FIT interpretation.


The second selection in FCS_AFA_EXT.1.1 in CPP_FDE_AA_V2.0E is modified as follows, with green highlight with bold indicating addition, and red highlight with strikethrough indicating deletion:

·       an external Smartcard factor that is at least the same bit-length as the DEK, and is protecting a submask that is [selection: generated by the TOE (using the RBG as specified in FCS_RBG_EXT.1), generated by the Host Platform] protected using [selection: RSA with key size [selection: 2048 bits, 3072 bits, 4096 bits], ECC schemes using “NIST curves” of [selection: P-256, P-384, P-521]], with user presence proved by presentation of the smartcard and [selection: none, an OE defined PIN, a configurable PIN].


See issue description.

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