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TD0748:  Correction to FMT_SMF.1/MACSEC Test 21

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In Test 21 of FMT_SMF.1/MACSEC in MOD_MACSEC_V1.0 SD, the test initially instructs the evaluator to disable the MKA participant on device C, but then instructs to re-enable the MKA participant of device B.


Test 21 of FMT_SMF.1/MACSEC in MOD_MACSEC_V1.0 SD is modified as follows, with highlighted strikethrough denoting deletion and highlighted underline denoting addition:

Test 21: The evaluator shall test the ability of the TOE to enable and disable MKA participants using the
management function specified in the ST. The evaluator shall install PSKs in devices B and C, and take
any necessary additional steps to create corresponding MKA participants. The evaluator shall disable the
MKA participant on device C, then observe that the TOE can communicate with B but neither the TOE
nor B can communicate with device C. The evaluator shall re-enable the MKA participant of device BC and
observe that the TOE is now able to communicate with devices B and C.



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