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TD0724:  Format corrections for FAU_GEN.1.1 in MDF 3.3

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Issue Description

FAU_GEN.1.1 incorrectly formatted completed assignments.


FAU_GEN.1.1 in PP_MDF_V3.3 is updated as follows, with yellow highlight indicating format changes to add italics/remove bolding, and green highlight indicating additions:


The TSF shall be able to generate an audit record of the following auditable events:

1.    Start-up and shutdown of the audit functions

2.    All auditable events for the [not selected] level of audit

3.    [All administrative actions

4.    Start-up and shutdown of the OS

5.    Insertion or removal of removable media

6.    Specifically defined auditable events in Table 2

7.    [selection: Audit records reaching [assignment: integer value less than 100] percentage of audit capacity, Specifically defined auditable events in Table 3, [assignment: other auditable events derived from this Protection Profile], no additional auditable events]]


Correction required to complete certification report.

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