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TD0684:  VVoIP PP-Module Updated to Allow for App PP v1.4 as Base PP

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Protection Profiles

Other References
Section 1, Section 2, MOD_VVoIP_v1.0-sd

Issue Description

App PP v1.4 allows PP-Module for VVoIP v1.0 to use it as a base, but the PP-Module has not been updated to use App PP v1.4 as a base in addition to v1.3.


PP-Module for VVoIP v1.0 and its Supporting Document are updated as follows:

Section 1.1 for both Module and SD are updated to add the following to the list of intended Base-PPs:

-Protection Profile for Application Software (App PP), Version 1.4

Section 2.1 of the Module is updated to include the following under Package Claims:

This PP-Module is SSH Package Version 1.0 Conformant when used in a PP-Configuration with App PP v1.4.


See issue description

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