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TD0679:  Handling Standalone WLANAS TOEs with Single Interfaces

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There is concern that FTA_TSE.1 as currently written does not accomodate standalone TOEs with single interfaces.


The Application Note for FTA_TSE.1 in Section 5.2.6 of MOD_WLANAS_v1.0 is modified as follows, with underline denoting addition:

Application Note: The “TOE interface” can be specified in terms of the device

in the TOE that the WLAN client is connecting to (e.g. specific WLAN APs).

“Time” and “day” refer to time-of-day and day-of-week, respectively.

The assignment is to be used by the ST author to specify additional attributes on

which denial of session establishment can be based. In the case of standalone TOEs

with a single interface, the "based on TOE interface" restriction is inherently met.


See issue description.

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