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TD0677:  Correction to Symbol in FCS_RBG_EXT.1 Test EA for MDF 3.3

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The Personalization String detail at the end of the test EA notes "...must be [] seed length"  Other references suggest the [] should be <=.


The Personalization String text in the Test EA for FCS_RBG_EXT.1 in Section 5.1.3 In PP_MDF_v3.3 is updated as follows, with bold strikethrough denoting deletion and underline denoting addition:

Personalization string: The length of the personalization string must be [] <= seed length. If

the implementation only supports one personalization string length, then the same length

can be used for both values. If more than one string length is support, the evaluator shall

use personalization strings of two different lengths. If the implementation does not use a

personalization string, no value needs to be supplied.



See issue description.

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