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TD0672:  VPN Client PP-Module updated to allow for new PP and PP-Module Versions

Publication Date

Protection Profiles

Other References
Section 1.1, Section 2, Appendix G

Issue Description

New versions of PP_MDF, PP_OS have been released, as well as the Biometric cPP Module, all of which can be used with this PP-Module.


The VPN Client PP-Module v1.0 is updated as follows:


Section 1.1 is updated to include the following in the list of Base-PPs:


  • General Purpose Operating System (GPOS) Protection Profile, Version 4.3
  • Mobile Device Fundamentals (MDF) Protection Profile, Version 3.3


Section 2 is updated to include the following in the list of PP-Modules allowed to be specified in a PP-Configuration with the PP-Module:

·      collaborative PP-Module for Biometric enrolment and verification - for unlocking the device, Version 1.1



Appendix G - Bibliography is replaced as follows:

[CC] Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation -
[App PP] Protection Profile for Application Software, Version 1.4, October 2021
[GPOS PP] Protection Profile for General Purpose Operating Systems, Version 4.2.1, April 2019 or Version 4.3, September 27, 2022
[MD PP] Protection Profile for Mobile Device Fundamentals, Version 3.2, April 15, 2021 or Version 3.3, September 12, 2022
[MDM PP] Protection Profile for Mobile Device Management, Version 4.0, April 2019
[SD] Supporting Document Mandatory Technical Document, PP-Module for Virtual Private Network (VPN) Clients, Version 2.4, March 31, 2022

See issue description.

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