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TD0671:  Bluetooth PP-Module updated to allow for new PP and PP-Module Versions

Publication Date

Protection Profiles

Other References
Section 1.1, Section 2, Appendix F

Issue Description

New versions of PP_MDF, PP_OS have been released, as well as the Biometric cPP Module and WLAN Clients PP-Module, all of which can be used with this PP-Module.


The Bluetooth PP-Module v1.0 is updated as follows:


Section 1.1 is updated to include the following in the list of Base-PPs:

  • General Purpose Operating System (GPOS) Protection Profile, Version 4.3
  • Mobile Device Fundamentals (MDF) Protection Profile, Version 3.3


Section 2 is updated to include the following in the list of PP-Modules allowed to be specified in a PP-Configuration with the PP-Module:

·      collaborative PP-Module for Biometric enrolment and verification - for unlocking the device, Version 1.1

·      PP-Module for Wireless LAN Clients, Version 1.0


Appendix F - Bibliography is replaced as follows:




Bluetooth Core Specifications, version 5.2; December 2019,


Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation -


Common Evaluation Methodology for Information Technology Security - Evaluation Methodology, CCMB-2017-04-004, Version 3.1, Revision 5, April 2017.


Protection Profile for General Purpose Operating Systems, Version 4.2.1, April 22, 2019, or Version 4.3, September 27, 2022


Protection Profile for Mobile Device Fundamentals, Version 3.2, April 15, 2021, or Version 3.3, September 12, 2022



See issue description.

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