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TD0595:  Administrative corrections to IPS PP-Module

Publication Date

Protection Profiles

Other References
FAU_GEN.1.1/IPS, Table 4

Issue Description

FAU_GEN.1.1/IPS has open brackets for items C, H, and an assignment in H, but is missing the close bracket for item H, and the Table 4 entry for FAU_STG.4 is incomplete.


PP-Module for IPS v1.0 is updated as follows (additions in bold):

Item h of FAU_GEN.1.1/IPS is updated as follows:

h) [selection: no other auditable events, [assignment: other auditable events]]].

The FAU_STG.4 entry in the "Additional Audit Records Contents" column in Table 4 is updated as follows:

Indication that the audit store is full, and (if configurable) how the TOE is responding (e.g. failing to audit new auditable events, or preventing auditable events from occurring).


See issue description.

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