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TD0593:  Equivalency Arguments for PSD

Publication Date

Protection Profiles
MOD_AI_V1.0, MOD_AO_V1.0, MOD_KM_V1.0, MOD_UA_V1.0, MOD_VI_V1.0

Other References
Section 2.1, MOD AO SD v1.0, MOD AI SD v1.0, MOD KM SD v1.0, MOD UA SD v1.0, MOD VI SD v1.0

Issue Description

The PSD Supporting Documents contain language preventing equivalency arguments. While that was the original intention, this issue is being revisted and Equivalency Arguments will be allowed. This will be referred to the TC to develop additional guidance for equivalency arguments.


The following sentence is added to the last paragraph of Section 2.1 of the Supporting Documents for AI PP-Module V1.0, AO PP-Module V1.0, KM PP-Module V1.0, UA PP-Module V1.0, and VI PP-Module V1.0:

Some equivalency arguments between ports are allowed.


See Issue Description.

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