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TD0539:  Incorrect selection trigger in FTA_CIN_EXT.1 in MOD_VI_V1.0

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FTA_CIN_EXT.1, SD for Video/Display Module

Issue Description

The specific assignment, mandatory selection, and refinement to FTA_CIN_EXT.1.2 in the PP-Module for Video/Display Devices is linked incorrectly to a selection in FDP_CDS_EXT.1.1 instead of the combiner use case.


The first two paragraphs of the instructions for FTA_CIN_EXT.1 in section 5.1.2 of MOD_VI_V1.0 are modified as follows:

This SFR is selection-based in the PSD PP. It remains selection-based when the TOE conforms to this PP- Module. However, this PP-Module adds a trigger for its selection—specifically, if “multiple connected displays” is selected in FDP_CDS_EXT.1.1 or if the TOE fits the Combiner Use Case, then FTA_CIN_EXT.1 is applicable to the TOE and must be claimed.  

The following SFR has a specific assignment, which is a mandatory selection if the TOE fits the Combiner Use Case selecting “multiple connected displays” in FDP_CDS_EXT.1.1.


Step 7 of Test 1-VI in the SD for MOD_VI_V1.0 is modified as follows:

Step 7: [Conditional: if the TOE claims the Combiner Use Case “multiple connected displays” is selected in FDP_CDS_EXT.1.1 then] verify that video generated by the TOE has clear identification marking or text to properly identify the source computer shown.


See issue.

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