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TD0506:  Missing Steps to disconnect and reconnect display

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In steps 4 and 5 of FDP_ACP_EXT.1 Test 4 of the VI PP-Module, the steps where the display is disconnected after it is turned off then reconnected after turned on are missing.  This would test that the EDID is learned only during power up, not when the display is plugged in.



For FDP_APC_EXT.1, the preface to Test 4 in the VI PP-Module Supporting Document is modified as follows, with underlines indicating addition:

Test 4-VI - Video and EDID Channel Unidirectional Rule
This test verifies that the TOE video path is unidirectional from the computer video interface to the display interface with the exception of EDID, which may be read from the display once at power up and then may be read by the connected computers. The evaluator should have at least two high-resolution displays of different models and one low-resolution display for each TOE-supported video protocol.

Test 4, Steps 4 and 5 are modified as follows, with underlines indicating additions:

Step 4: Connect the low-resolution display to the TOE and turn on the TOE. After the video is shown on the display, turn off the TOE and disconnect the low-resolution display.

Step 5: Turn on the TOE. After the TOE has completed the self-test, connect the second high-resolution display of a different model to the TOE. tThe TOE may fail to generate video on the user display (i.e., no EDID is read at the TOE power up). If the display is showing video, then run the EDID reading and parsing software on computer #1 and check that there is no active EDID (i.e., the computer is using a default generic display or reading older display settings from the registry).


See issue description.

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