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TD0393:  Require FTP_TRP.1(b) only for printing

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HCDPP allows for one or more of the following functions defined in section printing, scanning, copying. HCDPP also contains FTP_TRP.1(b) which requires the existence of a remote, non-administrative interface to the device regardless of the devices functionality. FTP_TRP.1(b) is an issue for department-level copy-only and scan-only devices containing a control panel, which don't have a need for a remote, non-administrative interface.


The following changes are made to HCDPP v1.0 to remove the requirement for remote non-administrative access and allow copy-only and scan-only devices to be evaluated against this PP: Required Uses

24    The Required Uses that shall be present in a conforming HCD are:
         25   One or more of the following:

                 i. Printing: converting an electronic document to hardcopy form, or
                ii. Scanning: converting a hardcopy document to electronic form, or
               iii. Copying: duplicating a hardcopy document,

— and —
26 Network communications: sending or receiving documents over a Local Area Network (LAN),

— and —

27 Administration: configuring, auditing, and verifying the security of the HCD.

28 In other words, a conforming HCD must support at least one of the Required Uses scanning, printing, or copying, and must support the Required Uses network communications and administration.

Section Conditionally Mandatory Uses

29 Conditionally Mandatory Uses that may be present in a conforming HCD are:

     30 PSTN faxing: sending and receiving documents over the public switched telephone network (PSTN) using standard facsimile protocols
     31 Storage and retrieval: storing electronic documents and retrieving them at a later time
     32 Field-Replaceable Nonvolatile Storage: storing documents or confidential system information on Field-Replaceable Nonvolatile Storage Devices.
     33 Network communications: sending or receiving documents over a Local Area Network (LAN)

33 To conform, the HCD must meet requirements associated with these functions if they are present in the TOE. If the TOE supports remote non-administrative functionality but this requirement is not included, then the functionality must be disabled in the evaluated configuration.

2.1 Users

77  Note that a User can be a human user or an external IT entity. Also, a Normal User can be a Local User or a Network User as described in Section 1.3.3.

4.13.3 FTP_TRP.1(b) Trusted path (for non-Administrators)

Move the entire section to a new B.3 Network Communications

 A.1 User Definitions

Definition for U.NORMAL: A User who has been identified and authenticated and does not have an administrative role. A Normal User can be a Local User or a Network User as described in Section 1.3.3.



Remote, non-administrative user access to the device is not required anywhere except for this SFR. The concepts of Local and Network Users are mentioned and used in Section 1 but are not incorporated into the U.NORMAL definition in Section 2.1 and A.1. The use cases for copying and scanning specifically apply to Local Users only.

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