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TD0375:  FMT_MOF.1(4) selection

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Since the functions in the selection of FMT_MOF.1(4) are all optional,  the "no other function" selection should also exist in FMT_MOF.1(4).


FMT_MOF.1(4) is modified as follows:

FMT_MOF.1(4).1: Refinement: The [selection: TSF, Operational Environment] shall restrict the ability to 

1. perform destruction of sensitive data when no longer needed; 


2. participate as a second party for archival and recovery, 

3. import a key share to support recovery of a CA signing key, 

4. perform encrypted export of private or secret key or critical data

5. no other function]

to [selection: Administrators, Auditor, CA Operations staff].


See issue description.

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