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TD0299:  Update to FCS_CKM.4 Assurance Activities

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When a TOE replaces a key using the selection [a new value of a key of the same size], it replaces the key with another valid key. Test 2 expects the TOE to fail under this condition, but instead the TOE will continue to function; thus, Test 2 step 1 cannot be performed because there is no expected failure when the key is properly replaced.


Test 2 for the FCS_CKM.4 Assurance Activities in the HCD PP will be modified as follows:

Test 2: Applied to each key held in non-volatile memory and subject to destruction by the TOE, except for replacing a key using the selection [a new value of a key of the same size]. The evaluator shall use special tools (as needed), provided by the TOE developer if necessary, to ensure the tests function as intended.



See issue description.

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