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TD0176:  FDP_DSK_EXT.1.2 - SED Testing

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The FDP_DSK_EXT.1.2 test assurance activity within the HCD PPv1.0 may be impractical for testing self-encrypting drives (SEDs). The SEDs are required by HCD PPv1.0 to be separately CC certified to conform to the FDE EE cPP.


FDP_DSK_EXT.1.2 The TSF shall encrypt all protected data without user intervention.

Application Note:

The intent of this requirement is to specify that encryption of any confidential data will not depend on a user electing to protect that data. The encryption specified in FDP_DSK_EXT.1 occurs transparently to the user and the decision to protect the data is outside the discretion of the user.

If a vendor makes the selection "use a self-encrypting Field-Replaceable Nonvolatile Storage Device that is separately CC certified to conform to the FDE EE cPP" in FDP_DSK_EXT.1.1 , testing is not required as SED testing is performed within the FDE EE cPP already. 

The TSS, KMD, and test sections only apply to parts of the TOE which fall under the selection "perform encryption in accordance with FCS_COP.1(d)".


If the self-encrypting device option is selected, the device must be certified in conformance to the current Full Disk Encryption Protection Profile. The tester shall confirm that the specific SED is listed in the TSS, documented and verified to be CC certified against the FDE EE cPP.

The evaluator shall examine the TSS to ensure that the description is comprehensive in how the data is written to the Device and the point at which the encryption function is applied.

For the cryptographic functions that are provided by the Operational Environment, the evaluator shall check the TSS to ensure it describes the interface(s) used by the TOE to invoke this functionality.

The evaluator shall verify that the TSS describes the initialization of the Device at shipment of the TOE, or by the activities the TOE performs to ensure that it encrypts all the storage devices entirely when a user or administrator first provisions the Device. The evaluator shall verify the TSS describes areas of the Device that it does not encrypt (e.g., portions that do not contain confidential data boot loaders, partition tables, etc.). If the TOE supports multiple Device encryptions, the evaluator shall examine the administration guidance to ensure the initialization procedure encrypts all Devices.


The SEDs are required by HCD PPv1.0 to be separately CC certified to conform to the FDE EE cPP.

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